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UK Address Finder & Autocompletion

Find and validate UK addresses in realtime with address autocomplete

Autofill your address form in moments

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Maximum of 15 searches per day

Integrate address autocomplete on any website with our Autocomplete Plugin

Or use our Address Autocomplete JSON API directly

Robust Search Features

Rapid Address Entry

Receive address suggestions as you type. Median response time less than 100ms

Fuzzy Search

Handles spelling mistakes, handy if you are unsure how an address is spelt

Word Abbreviations

Accepts abbreviations like rd (Road), st (Street) and wy (Way)

Transposed Letters

Handles accidental switching of letters like Liecester (Leicester)


Limit your address suggestions against a whitelist of any attribute, like post town, outward code or country

Geo Filtering

Limit your address suggestions to a bounding geospatial box defined by you

Why Ideal Postcodes?

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Choose between a flexible range of price tiers and licences. No tie-ins, no commitments. Contact us to find a licence that works better for you, or try our API for free

Simple Integration

Simple Integration

Drop in autocomplete functionality on your web pages, CRM, POS tools & ERP systems. We offer free developer support and additional resources to help you get started


Feature Complete

Ensure rapid address entry with features like fuzzy search, locality filtering, abbreviation handling and more


High Data Quality

Our data is updated daily using Royal Mail's PAF dataset. Get access to the UK's most accurate and reliable address database

Flexible Licensing

As Royal Mail Postcode Address File specialists we provide niche licensing options


Public Sector

Make full use of address data with cost-effective licensing for public sector organisations


Implement tools in your app or client projects. Register and monitor your client’s usage through modern and simple licensing options


Small charities can benefit from cost-effective plans to increase website donations, gift aid registration and to speed up in-person collection

Staff Usage

You can easily integrate our solutions to your internal data tools such as a CRM, Point of Sale system or custom application

Trusted by Many

We work with developers across small businesses and startups through to public and FTSE 100 organisations

Client Logos

Business Operators

We were drawn to the ease of use and simplicity together with excellent documentation. The support has been friendly, expert and timely.

Ceri Richmond
Managing Director, Core

The team was brilliant start to finish making integration and setup so easy! The ability to contact someone who is technical is just brilliant and makes such a refreshing change

Andrew Board
Managing Director, Screwsline

I’m happy with the service, it just ticks along nicely and is a better thought out and executed system than the previous one I used.

Mark Kowalczyk
Founder, Special Moment

Or call our Postcode API directly

Start searching postcodes in moments with our ready made libraries

const { Client } = require("@ideal-postcodes/core-node");

const client = new Client({ api_key: "iddqd" });

const response = await client.autocomplete.list({ 
    query: {
        query: "221b bake",
        api_key: "iddqd"