jQuery Plugin 3.0.0 released

The Ideal Postcodes jQuery plugin has been updated to version 3.0.0.

Among the additional features are:

  • Request tagging. You may now pass in a tags attribute to annotate requests with metadata. This is useful if you want to query your request history using metadata.
  • Additional Customisation. You may now also further customise the behaviour of the plugin. Among the changes are custom containers for error messages and custom formatters for address suggestions in the dropdown menu

The main focus of the update is to simplify the plugin API. As the plugin has seen more real world use, some of the early methods and conventions we developed have been stretched beyond their original intent. For this reason, the following changes have been made:

  • Simplified API for $.idealPostcodes.lookupAddress and $.idealPostcodes.lookupPostcode
  • Renamed onLookupSuccess callback to onSearchCompleted
  • Added a number of callbacks including onDropdownCreated, onLookupTriggered and onAddressesReceived

To find out more, please see the plugin documentation

Created 2 Jun 2015 15:37

Couple of Announcements heading into December 2014

A couple of brief announcements about changes going into December.

Moving to Daily Updates

As of November, we've switched our data procurement arrangement with Royal Mail to retrieve new updates on a daily basis (rather than a monthly basis). This probably won't matter much to most users of the Postcode Address File since the day-to-day changes are extremely minimal in the context of the entire database. However it does mean Ideal Postcodes will be better suited for use cases where up-to-date data is important.

Charging VAT

From December 1st, all our pricing will also reflect VAT. This change has been coming for a while given the new laws in the EU for charging VAT with respect to digital goods.

Created 26 Nov 2014 17:58

Planned Maintenance: 28th July

The API (api.ideal-postcodes.co.uk) underwent some planned maintenance at midnight (12:00 am) on 28th July as part of our regular update schedule.

Shortly after completion we observed an uptick in the API error rate. This was contained to a very small number of requests (~180) using specific API methods. The problematic upgrade was identified and resolved by 12:30 am. Apologies if anyone was noticeably affected.

Created 29 Jul 2014 01:03

County data now available

API now provides administrative information with each address like county, parish and ward data

As a relatively new online addressing data provider we've enjoyed the benefits of mainly only having to worry about modern web standards. It has allowed us to focus on better standards that are slowly gaining ground on the web, like JSON and HTTPS. This has been a boon for us. It keeps down development time and increases our ability to put out more useful features. Users also benefit from the increased simplicity and reduced time for integration. Furthermore we've never received feedback to support other API standards like SOAP, XML, plain HTTP.

Recently however, we have had a lot of feedback surrounding our decision to omit county data. For a long time, county data (as well as associated administrative information) has been caught up in our policy of focusing on future standards. Our view was that these data points will be less useful going forward - Royal Mail have officially dropped county data and they are no longer used to identify a premise in the UK. But after hearing a lot of thoughtful views on why this data is still useful - we've done a 180 and added county and some other data points into our API.

The change will be reflected in all our current and future API methods. Existing users of the plugin should be able to extract this data typically with just an additional line of code. Please read our documentation to find out more.

Created 17 Jun 2014 20:29


As of today, we have launched a sister site Postcodes.io.

Postcodes.io is an open source API which uses exclusively open data for addressing data in Great Britain. It's API is designed for primarily for people who want to link Postcodes to location data ([reverse] geocoding) and to lookup basic information on postcodes.

Our primary goal with Ideal Postcodes is to provide high quality UK addressing information to developers at a fair price with a simple API. We started Postcodes.io to do the same thing - by making Open Data easier to use and available at a fair price (free). Postcodes.io comes with a lot of convenience methods to geocode, validate and autocomplete postcodes in Great Britain. It's also constantly monitored by us to ensure good reliability and to squash any bugs.

Postcodes.io bears the MIT license. The source code can be freely reproduced and forked for virtually any use (including commercial). Feel free to make a contribution on Github or to boot up your own API server.

Created 6 Feb 2014 18:24