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24 Sep 2020


Ideal Postcodes now offers rooftop accurate geolocations by default for all Great Britain addresses at no extra cost

As a new Ordnance Survey partner, Ideal Postcodes can now bring you the best of both AddressBase and Royal Mail's Postcode Address File all in one API, licence and pricing structure.

Our address search and Postcode Lookup APIs now function can now be used to geocode Great Britain addresses to great accuracy as well as validate a UK address.

Give it a try on our geocoding web page.

In an increasingly geographically dispersed environment, knowing your customers exact location for e-Commerce, public and utility services is paramount to delivering a great customer experience. Our address geocoder is a great way to collect highly accurate longitude and latitudes when you validate an address.

Why Use Geolocation?

Accurate, Timely Deliveries

Missed or poorly routed deliveries hurt customer experience and the bottom line. Solve the Last Mile problem by giving your logistics team the most accurate location data for fast and accurate routing.

Know your Customer

Know exactly where your customers are. With accurate longitudes and latitudes, you will know precisely if they are in a catchment area for services, flood zones or other localities of interest for your business.

Build Market Intelligence

Get a visual understanding of your address lists and internal customer data with geolocations. Build better geospatial intelligence of your market with more accurate digital maps and localised information.

Who May Need This Data?

Rooftop accurate geolocations are likely to be critical for you, if you are in:

  • Shipping and logistics
  • Insurance
  • Breakdown and recovery services
  • Ambulance and emergency services
  • Construction
  • Financial services

Interested in Our Geolocation Solutions?

Find out more in our guide on geocodes.