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14 Sep 2021

New Feature: Locality Filtering and Biasing

Narrow down search results on your address forms with Location filtering and biasing. Now available via our Address Finder solution

At Ideal Postcodes, we're always looking to improve the search functionality of our solutions and make it more simpler, accessible and accurate. We've launched Locality Filtering to allow you to customise your address forms further.

Locality Filtering

Strictly narrow your address results by adding filters. For instance, you can restrict to a postcode, postcode town, sector, area, thoroughfare and other elements.

Locality Biasing

With biasing functionality, you can boost certain address results that correspond with a certain address attribute.

As a customer begins to type their address, location biasing returns a dropdown of the most accurate suggestions in order of your biasing conditions.

Address Finder

Locality filtering and biasing is useful if the majority of your clients are based in one area. You have the flexibility of narrowing down search results, so your customers can have the best user experience on your website. Using filtering or biasing reduces the number of keystrokes required. Customers will easily find and choose the accurate address on your form.

This feature is available via our API and natively on our Address Finder solution.

View our documentation for more information on how to input Locality Filtering and Biasing.

If you need support, you can either reach out to us on our support page or drop by our developer chat page.