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20 Apr 2021

Coming Out of Lockdown: Is Your Business Data Ready?

Address cleansing, database and validation solutions can ensure your data is valid, up-to-date and compliant

Since April 12th 2021, UK finally emerged from lockdown. It has been a year since UK’s first COVID-19 lockdown, and the third lockdown came into place on January 6, 2021. Data decays at a rate of 20% per year, which means this is the perfect time to evaluate if you have the right processes in place and if you’re keeping up to date with data protection laws. Is your business data ready for the lift of lockdown?

We offer a number of solutions to help you verify and clean your old address data, as well as to ensure your new customers' addresses are valid in your database.

Address Cleansing

Address Cleansing is the process of correctly formatting and verifying address records. If your organisation has an incomplete and obsolete customer address database, address experts check each record against authoritative data sources and return a clean and valid report.

Find out more about Address Cleansing.

Address Database

Address Database is a list of addresses you can procure by postcode area, country, geolocation and more. These lists can be used privately within an organisation to cleanse addresses or lookup customer information.

Find out more about Address Database.

Address Validation

Ensure your new customers' addresses are valid by implementing Postcode Lookup or Address Finder functionality to your web forms, website or CRMs.

Postcode Lookup Demo

Address Finder Demo

Append Datasets

With all our solutions, it is possible to append the additional address datasets below to enrich your database further.

  • UPRN: Unique Property Reference Number allocated to each property in GB.

  • Multiple Residence: Sub-premises situated within multiple occupancy buildings and share one delivery point

  • Not Yet Built: Properties still under construction or in the planning stage

  • Rooftop Geolocations: Exact longitude and latitude of a property in GB

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