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20 Apr 2020

UK Address Validation Magento Extension

UK Address Validation Magento Extension
Enable Address Finder and Postcode Lookup on your Magento Store with Ideal Postcodes' Magento extension

The Magento address validation extension validates address data entered by users. The extension can be integrated easily to the checkout page and offers the ability to provide Address Autocomplete and Postcode Lookup.

With Address Autocomplete, when a user enters part of an address, they will be able to select the rest from a drop down selection of correctly formatted addresses.

With Postcode Lookup, users can search a postcode and select their premise from a list of addresses at that postcode.

These addresses are updated daily from Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF), which is the most accurate UK premise dataset available.


✅ Reliable data
✅ Simple and fast checkout form to save time and avoid confusion
✅ Speed up the checkout process and ensure customer satisfaction
✅ Less customer support problems
✅ Device compatibility and accessibility
✅ Reduced costs by avoiding failed deliveries

Find out more about our extension and the benefits, or turn to our installation guide to start your integration.