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16 Jun 2020

Customer Story: Starling Bank

Customer Story: Starling Bank
How Starling Bank Simplified Their On-boarding with Address Validation

Starling Bank is a digital bank transforming the way people manage their money and serve customers in a way that traditional banks do not

As Starling Bank is an app-based digital product, they wanted to make sure their customer's on-boarding process was seamless. They integrated Postcode Lookup into their app, and clients can now sign up in a few simple steps.

Hear more from Starling Bank in their customer story and how they increased user satisfaction.

“As an integral part of our onboarding process since we launched, Ideal Postcodes has contributed a lot to Starling Bank's success. Their extremely reliable service has helped to ensure that our wholly digital onboarding process provides a smooth welcome to new customers.”

Jason Maude - Chief Technology Advocate