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We've passed 1 billion requests per month

22 Jun 2021

Our core address search APIs and now handle over 1 billion requests per month

Covid Indian Variant - UK Locations

15 Jun 2021

Find out if the Indian variant is in your area. Use postcode lookup before you travel

Travel Restrictions and UK Holiday Destinations

8 Jun 2021

Plan your trip with Postcode Lookup and rooftop geocoordinates

3 Checks You Need to Verify When Integrating an API

1 Jun 2021

Making sure that an API is functioning properly is important, especially if you are running an e-Commerce platform that has a low tolerance for poor performance, inconsistencies or unplanned downtime

Onshoring Ideal Postcodes Data Processing

27 May 2021

With the collapse of the EU-US Privacy Shield and the unworkability of SCCs, all subprocessing activities have been onshored to UK/EU data centres only