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Ideal Postcodes Javascript Client

JavaScript browser client for

@ideal-postcodes/core-browser is the JavaScript browser client for

Our JavaScript clients implement a common interface defined at @ideal-postcodes/core-interface.

High level client documentation can be found at core-interface.

In depth client documentation can be found at

Tested against a suite of modern and legacy, mobile and desktop browsers.

@ideal-postcodes/core-browsershould be consumed by a bundler or transpiler (e.g. webpack, parcel, rollup) for minification, module resolution and specific browser support.

core-browser-bundled provides pre-bundled versions of core-browser, which can be immediately dropped into a page.


Example Setup

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Legacy Client

As of June 2019, we've released a modern, revamped Browser client at @ideal-postcodes/core-browser. Documentation for the legacy client ideal-postcodes-core can be found here.