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BigCommerce Integration

BigCommerce Integration for UK Address Search and Validation

Updated 27 Jul 2021

Ideal Postcodes BigCommerce Integration

Ideal Postcodes provides a BigCommerce integration that facilitates UK address search and validation across a BigCommerce Store.

This extension is free to download and install. However, our address validation services require a paid account at

This integration works by hooking into BigCommerce's custom HTML field. It waits until a valid address form is present before binding itself.

Contact us if you get stuck. Drop by our developer chat page for in-depth assistance.


  • Address autocompletion on checkout shipping and billing pages
  • Address Finder
  • Postcode Lookup
  • Binds to the following address forms:
    • Checkout billing address
    • Checkout shipping address
    • Account registration
    • Account management
  • Checks if key is usable before enabling address search
  • Populates organisation name from selected address
  • Add Address Finder to the BigCommerce dashboard via the Browser Extension


Address Finder

Activate address autocompletion on your address collection forms-screenshot

Postcode Lookup

Enable Postcode Lookup on your address collection forms-screenshot



If you need support, you can either reach out to us on our support page or drop by our developer chat page.


We recommend installing our plugin via both the Script Manager and Site Verification Tags.

Script Manager is the official method to customise your checkout. This allows address validation on your checkout and will be supported by BigCommerce indefinitely.

The Site Verification Tag install will provide further address validation on your account registration and user address book pages. This is currently the only way to add global scripts to your BigCommerce site.

Script Setup

In the Script Manager and Verification Tag install you will the script below with some amendments.

  window.idpcConfig = {
    apiKey: "Your API Key goes here"


You will need to replace apiKey attribute in the first script tag. This should be replaced with the Key on your account

Add to Site Verification Tags

  1. Navigate to your Tracking Code page by clicking on the Advanced Settings tab from your dashboard.
  2. Check the Site Verification Tags checkbox in the Analytics page (under the General Settings tab). Site Verification Tag checkbox
  3. Insert the Setup Script. In the Analytics page, under the Site Verification Tags tab, insert the script from our script setup step and click on Save. The page should appear like below: Manually add Site Verification Tags setup

Add to Script Manager

  1. From the Administration page, click on Store Front and then Script Manager.
  2. Click on the blue Create a Script button.
  3. On the Create Script page, name your script. Select the following options:
    • Footer as the location on page
    • Checkout as the page on which the script will be added
    • Essential as the script category
    • Script as the script type Edit script page
  4. Insert the script from our script setup step below in the Script contents editor and click on 'Save'. The page should appear like below: Insert initialisation code


Your first key on your Ideal Postcodes account will carry a free test balance which you can use to verify and test your integration. Please contact support if you need a larger test balance.

Going Live

In order to go live, you will need to purchase a balance of lookups on your API Key. This can be done manually or automated from your dashboard. Each address search consumes one lookup from your key balance.

See our account setup guide for the quickest way to go live by creating your first API Key and enabling automated top-ups.


The minimum configuration is as follows:

  window.idpcConfig = {
    apiKey: "Your API Key goes here"

See our integration configuration guide to understand how to customise this.


The available configuration attributes for the configuration are as follows:

window.idpcConfig = {
   // API Key is not set by default
  apiKey: "",

  // Postcode Lookup is enabled
  postcodeLookup: true,

  // Autocomplete is enabled
  autocomplete: true,

  // Company name field is updated
  populateOrganisation: true,
  // County name field is not updated
  populateCounty: false,

  // Advanced configuration
  autocompleteOverride: {},
  postcodeLookupOverride: {}


This integration will be continually updated without your action. However there will be occassion when a backwards breaking change is introduced. When this happens we will increment the version number at the end of the script src.

Version Pinning

It's possible to fix the version number of the integration script. The version suffix @VERSION in src can be replaced with a specific version number. Versions are automatically logged and tracked on our Changelog.


Your API Key is central to how our service recognises your integration. See our guide on API Keys to find out more.

API Keys can also be safeguarded against potential misuse, please see our guide on securing your API Key to find out more.

Admin Pages

BigCommerce Admin Dashboard Integration-screenshot

To enable address validation on your admin page, you will need to use our Browser Extension.