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Service Level Agreement

Ideal Postcodes Enterprise Support Tier: Technical Service Level Agreement (October 2019)

We offer custom Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to enterprise clients. Please get in touch if you require an SLA.

Service Commitment

IDDQD Limited provides provides a 99.9% Uptime Commitment for the Ideal Postcodes service.

If we fall short of our 99.9% Uptime Commitment, we will issue service credit.


Downtime is the aggregate number of minutes the Ideal Postcodes API was unavailable. Downtime is measured by an External Uptime Monitoring Service contracted by IDDQD Limited. In order for a period to qualify as unavailable, a majority (> 50%) of HTTP probes monitoring must confirm this. The definition of a minute of unavailability for any endpoint during a period includes:

  • 100% of server response timeouts
  • 100% 5XX HTTP responses

Downtime excludes the following:

  • Slowness or other performance issues with individual features;
  • Issues that are not related to service endpoint. (e.g. dashboard, status page and chat page);
  • Outages or disruptions attributable in whole or in part to Force Majeure events;
  • Outages for services which have been notified as discontinued or beta;
  • Suspension of service due to late payment, service abuse or Terms of Service (ToS) violations;
  • Hardware or network failures not under the control of IDDQD Limited;
  • External network or equipment problems outside of our reasonable control;
  • Scheduled downtime for maintenance

Uptime Commitment

Uptime is the percentage of total possible minutes Ideal Postcodes was available in a month. Our commitment is to maintain at least 99.9% Uptime in a calendar month.

Targeted Service Availability and Service Credit

Uptime Service Level Service Credit
< 99.9% but ≥ 99.5% 25%
< 99.5% but ≥ 99.0% 50%
< 99.0% but ≥ 95.0% 70%
< 95.0% 100%

If fees are paid annually, effective monthly fees are calculated as the annual fee divided by 12 months.

If fees are paid preemptively (such as standard or transactional licensing) or retroactively (such as sublicensing), the fee is the nominal value of account usage for the calendar month in question.