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Supercharge Your Staff

Increase staff productivity by integrating address search and validation on your internal tools

Perfect for call centres, CRMs, Point of Sale terminals

Flexible and cost effective licensing

Accelerate your Internal Tools

Call Centre Operations

Call Centre Operations

Reduce call times and increase operator efficiency by accelerating address retrieval Postcode Lookup or Address Autocomplete

Point of Sale Terminal

Point of Sale Systems

Improve customer service and reduce friction with integrated Address Autocomplete to collect customer data

Internal Tools

Internal Tools

Increase data accuracy and staff productivity within your internal applications with address search and validation

Flexible, Pragmatic, Simple


Flexible Usage Policy

License a single employee across multiple devices. Reallocate user licences if the user is temporarily unavailable or leaves

Fixed, Annual Pricing

Pay a fixed, per user, annual fee to license usage across all internal applications. Contact us at any point to increase your pool of licensed users

High Volume Usage

Each user licence allows for up to 500 searches a day

Simple Integration

Combine your user licence keys into one or spread them over multiple API keys. Integration is as simple as getting your keys from us and swapping them into your existing integration

Try some of our solutions yourself

These integrations and more can be integrated into almost any website or internal application

Address Finder Postcode Lookup

Demonstrations limited to 15 lookups per IP, per day

Take a look at our Address Finder demo or Postcode Lookup demo to get started

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a user defined?

A user is defined as a person or operator accessing the addressing data. A user licence can be spread across multiple devices so long as it is the same person querying for the data.

If a user leaves, you may reassign a user licence to another employee. Similarly, if a licensed user is temporarily unavailable (due to leave, illness, etc) you may reassign that licence to a temporary stand-in.

What happens if I need to increase the number of users I have licensed?

Just get in contact with us stating how many additional user licences you wish to procure. We will process your request on the same working day.

Are there any limits to using this licence?

Each user may perform up to 500 address lookups per day. This daily limit is pooled across all your user licences.

What happens when my licence approaches its 12 month expiry date?

We will get in contact with you to find out whether you wish to extend or cancel your existing internal licensing plan.

Can this licence be used by the public?

This licence cannot be used in a manner which allows a member of the general public to query the addressing data. If you wish to provide address lookups for individuals outside your organisation, you may consider using our transactional based licensing.

Are there any obligations to this licence?

Prior to acquiring this licence from Royal Mail on your behalf, we will perform some checks with you to ensure you will be licensed correctly. Royal Mail may also audit internal use Licensees to verify that the terms of use are adhered to.

How does internal licensing affect my integration?

Your integration works exactly the same as before. You will be provided with a single API key with a pooled daily usage cap based on the number of users you have licensed.

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