Privacy Policy


This policy briefly describes how we steward the data we record from your usage of our service.


We will keep information that we have on you to a minimum.

We use SSL everywhere. All data passing between you and our servers is encrypted.

This site will never show advertising.

We do not share individual user data with 3rd parties, except when legally required, such as with Royal Mail (the licensor of the Postcode Address File).

We do not serve 3rd party content on this site except for Google Analytics.

All passwords you give us are hashed and salted before storage. We don't store any sensitive plain text data here.

What information do we Collect?

General information about your visit through Google Analytics.

Non-sensitive information on any payments you have made to us. E.g. payment amount, date of purchase.

Information that you provide to us for registration.

Information required by Royal Mail for all end-users of the Postcode Address File.


We use cookies to recognise you and keep you logged into your account. We also use cookies to prevent Cross-Site Request Forgeries.

You need cookies enabled to use this website properly.

What the Information Will be Used For

To allow you to purchase and access our UK addressing service.

To meet our reporting obligations to Royal Mail as stipulated by our PAF Solutions Provider Data License Agreement.


All our payments are handled by Stripe. Stripe is reliable and secure. We do not store your payment details on our servers, Stripe do this very well on our behalf.


In addition, we may disclose information about you to the extent that we are required to do so by law.


We may update this privacy policy from time-to-time by posting a new version on our website.

Your Rights

You may instruct us to provide you with any personal information through Provision of such information may be subject to the payment of a fee (currently fixed at £10.00).


If you have any questions about this privacy policy or our treatment of your personal data, please write to us by email.

Data Controller

The data controller responsible for this website is IDDQD Limited.