UK Postcode & Address API for Developers

A minimal JSON API to lookup UK postcodes and addresses

Regularly updated addressing data using Royal Mail's Postcode Address File

2p per public website or app lookup. Open data is free

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Simply Priced

Worry-free pricing with no hidden costs or lock-in. A flat, pay-as-you-go rate of 2p per lookup

Incredibly Accurate

Access the UK's most accurate address database. We use Royal Mail's Postcode Address File

Well Supported

Integrate quickly with clear documentation, open-source libraries and live support from developers

Postcode lookups just a HTTP request away
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GET /v1/postcodes/



Integrate postcode lookups with any form in moments
Add postcode lookups to any web form by embedding and configuring our jQuery Plugin

<!-- Add a div to house your 
     postcode input field -->
<div id="lookup_field"></div>

<!-- This is your existing form -->
<label>Address Line One</label>
<input id="first_line" type="text">

<label>Address Line Two</label>
<input id="second_line" type="text">

<label>Address Line Three</label>
<input id="third_line" type="text">

<label>Post Town</label>
<input id="post_town" type="text">

<input id="postcode" type="text">
// Add this after your form
  // Add your API key
  api_key: 'ak_hk71kco54zGSgVf9ExxRVVNmolLNh',
  // Identify your fields with CSS selectors
  output_fields: {
    line_1: '#first_line',  
    line_2: '#second_line',         
    line_3: '#third_line',
    post_town: '#post_town',
    postcode: '#postcode'


Demonstrations limited to 15 lookups per IP, per day