A blue envelope with a tick to suggest a valid email address

Email Validation

Verify email addresses in real-time to ensure accurate and reliable communication with your customers using Ideal Postcodes email validation API

Bounced emails come at a high cost

It may not seem important to pay attention to your email bounce rate but think again. Undelivered emails affect customer satisfaction, data integrity and business operations.

Inaccurate or invalid email addresses

The most common reason for an email bounce is that the email address was typed incorrectly, or the address may no longer be in use.

Wasted Business Resources

Trying to fix sending emails to invalid or inactive addresses yourself can waste valuable resources, including time and bandwidth.

Decreased Customer Engagement

Undeliverable emails negatively impact your ability to reach and connect with your customers, which is the highest risk for your business

Sending an email

Ideal Postcodes Email Validation

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your email communication with a simple API

Live Fuzzy Matching

Our API pings emails in real-time, verifies and corrects mispellings, email formats and domain mistakes.

Authoritative Data

We partner with trustworthy suppliers to provide you legitimate and unlimited access to the most updated email data.

Simple Integration

An easy to implement solution with straight-forward documentation and live support.

Why you need to verify emails now

Improved deliverability

Avoid hard bounces and improve the reputation of your domain by ensuring your emails are delivered to the correct recipients.

Enhanced data quality

Email validation can help to clean up and improve the quality of your email lists

Increased efficiency

Streamline and automate the process of managing and sending emails

Enhanced security

By verifying the authenticity of email addresses, you can reduce the risk of email-based attacks and protect your business

Improved customer experience

Improve customer satisfaction and communication by ensuring your customer never miss an important email.


To be compliant with data protection laws, you must keep all formats of data up-to-date and accurate

Ensures instant connectivity

Instant email check upon entryBounce-free customer communicationGlobal validation for personal and business email addresses
A blue envelope with a tick to suggest a valid email address