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Price per Lookup 2.5p 2.25p 2.0p
Minimum Lookup Purchase 100 8,000 20,000
Automated Top-Up Pricing £50 £180 £400
Multiple Residence Cost +0.5p +0.5p +0.5p

Prices exclude VAT

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Clear, honest pricing

Worry free pricing with no hidden costs or lock-in. Just a flat, pay-as-you-go rate

Pay when you're happy

You don't need to pay a thing until you're happy with our API. Just sign up, create a key and integrate against our free test methods

Free developer support

Stuck? We're around to help you to get started through email or live chat. We're happy to get technical and debug problems

Balance Management

Each key comes with tools to help you control & manage how it is used, like usage limits and low balance notifications

Updated daily

Thousands of updates are streamed to our database directly from Royal Mail everyday so can access the latest addressing data

Automated top-ups

Each key comes with an optional automated top-up facility so you can automatically reload your balance when running low

Get started in 3 easy steps


Sign up at no cost and create an API Key


Integrate against our API using free test methods


Pre-purchase lookups when you're ready to go live with real addressing data

We use the most accurate address database in the UK


Royal Mail provide the most accurate, premise-level address data available in the UK.
We retrieve updates daily so you won't miss an address.

Open data is free

Sometimes the data you need is already freely available.
So we've created, open-sourced and maintain to help you and your clients access that data for free.

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Frequent Pricing Questions

Is your database up-to-date?

Yes. Our Address Database is updated everyday against Royal Mail's Postcode Address File so you can be confident you won't miss the latest address changes.

How do I use Ideal Postcodes?

Just sign up and create an API Key for free. You can load keys with prepaid lookups if you want to use our paid API. Otherwise you can use the token for our free API.

What is a lookup?

A lookup is any database lookup on Royal Mail's Postcode Address File. Each lookup incurs a license fee to Royal Mail. For example, one postcode search on /postcodes/:postcode equates to one lookup.

What are the available payment methods?

We accept Visa and Mastercard. Please get in contact with us if you would like to use an alternative method.

What is is our open-source postcode API service that uses Open Data from the Office of National Statistics. This project would be ideal for you if you are primarily looking to geocode or reverse geocode postcodes.

Are there any other fees?

There are no contracts, overages, fees, or licence charges at Ideal Postcodes. All you pay for is the number of lookups you wish to make.

Is help available?

Yes. We are available for live chat on our support page or via this link for debugging and general queries. We are also available for support queries via email.

Do you use the Multiple Residence Dataset?

Yes. If you wish to query this data, you may generate a separate key to combine this dataset with PAF. The additional cost per lookup is 0.5p.