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GB Address Geocoding Rooftop Geocoding

What are address geocodes?

Geocoding is the process of taking an address, and returning geographical coordinates frequently provided as latitude and longitude

Ideal Postcodes provides the UK's most accurate rooftop geocodes within our core product Address Validation, Address Data Cleansing and Address Database

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Power your Business with Geospatial Intelligence

Rapid deliveries

Accurate, Rapid Deliveries

Missed or poorly routed deliveries hurt the customer experience. Solve the 'Last Mile' problem by giving your logistics team the most accurate location data for fast and accurate routing

Know your customer KYC

Know your Customer (KYC)

Know exactly where your customers are. You will know precisely if they are in a catchment area for your services, flood zones or other localities of interest with accurate geocoordinates.

Build market intelligence

Build Market Intelligence

Get a visual understanding of your address database and internal customer data with geocodes. Build better geospatial intelligence of your market with more accurate digital maps and localised information

What Makes Our Rooftop Geocoding Special?

Accurate geolocations

Rooftop Accuracy

Our geospatial data is derived from many authoritative data sources including Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail. The most accurate address geocoding dataset for the UK

Geocoding API

Built into our Core Services

Rooftop accurate geocoordinates are included with every GB address. We can provide this service through Address validation, Address Data Cleansing and Address Database

AddressBase Core PAF

Reverse Geocoding

Converting latitude and longitude coordinates into full UK addresses including Multiple Residence and Not Yet Built

Trusted by Many

We work with developers across small businesses and startups through to public and FTSE 100 organisations

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Try our Rooftop Geocoding API

Start retrieving geocoordinates for Great Britain in moments

const { Client, addresses } = require("@ideal-postcodes/core-node");

const client = new Client({ api_key: "iddqd" });

const response = await addresses.list(client, {
    query: {
        query: "221b baker street",
        api_key: "iddqd"