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Address Database

Ideal Postcodes can enrich, append and update your records with the most complete and up-to-date address data available

Business Names
Updates everyday

Append Critical UK Datapoints

Address Database can be used to extract crucial datapoints for properties in the UK

Rooftop Accurate Geolocations

Geocoding provides longitude and latitude coordinates of an address. Ideal Postcodes' rooftop geocoding pinpoints properties precisely.

Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRN)

Every land and property in the UK is identified by a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN). Enrich your address database with the standardised means of addressing.

Government Statistics (GSS Codes)

The Office for National Statistics connects locations with statistical areas. Connect addresses to local authorities, NHS trusts, electoral divisions and more.

Built with the Most Complete Datasets

Address Lists are sourced from the most accurate, reliable and updated datasets for the UK

Postcode Address File

The Postcode Address File or PAF is an address dataset maintained by Royal Mail. It contains all known delivery points and postcodes in the UK.

The Postcode Address File provides access to 1.4 million business names, 1.8 million UK postcodes and over 30 million residential and business addresses.

Multiple Residence

Multiple residences in the UK are sub-premises situated within multiple occupancy buildings.

Each of these premises do not have their own publicly available delivery point. Instead they have a shared delivery point that belongs to a parent premise listed on PAF. The Multiple Residence dataset outlines all 850,000 occupancies.

Not Yet Built

The Not Yet Built (NYB) dataset is outside of the standard PAF. It lists residential and commercial premises that are under construction or in the planning stage.

NYB contains about 500,000 premises which are not (yet) included in the PAF database as they are currently unoccupied.

Why Use Address Database?

Single Customer View

A single customer view is a unified representation of your CRM data. Improve your customer profiles with complete and accurate address records.

Bespoke Database

Request relevant address data based on postcode area, geolocation and more. Ensure your data is up-to-date, complete, and accurate for your business needs.

Internal Business Tools

Address database can be used as mailing lists, to cleanse addresses and more. We can provide the necessary data and licensing for various use cases

Market Research

Build market intelligence with strategic address targeting. We can list properties under construction, UPRNs, commercial properties, under construction multiple residences and more.


How do you administer your Address Databases?

Address Databases can be flexibly generated, including by postcode area, post town and country. Contact us with your specific requirements. Pricing is determined by how many postcode areas your requirements cover.

Address Databases can only be used for internal business usage. This prohibits public access to Address Databases in the form of online address validation.

It depends. The default licence for Address Databases allows a single user or an automated process (e.g. server) to extract and process the data. Additional licence fees may be due depending on your use case. If you intend for more than one individual to use this list or have a complex requirement, please contact us for revised pricing and licensing.

Address Databases are rendered in CSV only.

Address Databases can only be used for internal business usage. This includes data cleansing, customer data collection via an employee (e.g. call centre or POS terminal) and marketing list creation.

You will be required to delete the all addressing data provided to you and any datasets derived from your Address Database.

Address Databases can be used for up to 1 year before licence renewal is required.

Yes. Please contact us with a request for sample data.

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Upgrade your database with key UK data points

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