The Power of UPRN

Can UPRN change your business?

The Unique Property Reference Number is the gold standard in identifying every addressable property in the UK.

Ideals postcodes UPRN finder adds a UPRN at no cost with every validated address.

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UPRNs for Great Britain

Comprehensive coverage using Royal Mail's PAF and/or Ordnance Survey's AddressBase

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Not Forgetting Northern Ireland

Enrich your database with Northern Ireland UPRNs from OSNI's Northern Ireland Pointer dataset

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Convenient and Up-to-Date

Get the latest UPRN data in your chosen format, real-time access or downloadable files

Find your UPRN

Use our market leading UPRN search tools to identify the national ID of an address

Access Unique Property Identifiers from OS AddressBase

  • Append UPRN Numbers to your Dataset

    Allow us to append UPRN numbers to your existing PAF or customer database, matching on either complete or partial address information, including UDPRN numbers
  • Retrieve UPRNs with Address Validation

    Ideal Postcodes can effortlessly provide address validation linked with UPRN to your current database. Our API are quick and easy to use
  • Search by UPRN

    Retrieve Postcode Address File (PAF) properties by UPRN simply and intuitively using our Address Validation APIs
  • Identify UK Accurate Rooftop Coordinates

    Pinpoint rooftop accurate longitude/latitude coordinates and UPRNs for every addressable property in the UK including Northern Ireland
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