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Address Validation for eCommerce

Do you track the potential losses within your business for reduced user experience, cart abandonment and failed deliveries?

Cart abandonment potentially costs e-commerce ratailers £18bn per year
Failed deliveries may cost the UK retail industry £1.6bn per year
Poor user experience could cost each business thousands of customers

Address Finder can help with these problems by providing a smooth checkout process, fast and accurate delivery addresses


Avoid Failed Deliveries

19% of failed deliveries are due to inaccurate delivery address details. Address Finder captures every addressable premise in the UK, using Royal Mail’s PAF database. Don’t miss out on 800,000 multiple occupancy buildings with our Multiple Residence dataset.

Shopping cart

Reduce Cart Abandonment

61% of consumers would abandon their purchase if they encountered issues entering their address details. Ensure errors are caught and corrected with Address Finder’s fuzzy search capability.

Internal systems

Improve User Experience

Simplify the checkout process and provide an accessible ecommerce store. Our solutions provide screen reader compatibility, making functionality accessible for visually impaired users.

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e-Commerce platforms trust our easy-to-use and robust libraries

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