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Magento extension for UK address search and validation

Updated 18 Aug 2020

Ideal Postcodes Magento Extension

Ideal Postcodes provides a Magento Extension that facilitates UK address search and validation across a Magento Store.

This extension is ideal if you are after a postcode or address finder on your checkout pages.

This extension is free to download and install. However, our address validation services requires a paid account at

You can opt to insert postcode lookup and/or address autocomplete functionality. These features will only be triggered when a UK territory is selected.

Contact us if you get stuck. Drop by our developer chat page for in depth assistance.


  • Adds UK address search and validation to address forms
    • User billing address
    • User shipping address
    • User address book
  • Allows for following address selection mode:
  • Adds UK address finder to admin pages
    • Sales new/edit pages
    • Customer new/edit pages
  • Address search and validation enabled for countries covered by Postcode Address File
  • Hides address search for non-UK territories
  • API Key and other configuration scoped by website, store or view
  • Continuous testing on Magento versions 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3
  • Asynchronously performs checks if key is active and usable
    • Checks if your API Key is currently usable before presenting your users with address search fields
    • Allows regular address entry if, for example, your key runs out of balance or accidental misconfiguration
  • Option hoists country selection above address fields
  • Option populate company name based on address
  • Option populate county field
  • Administration Page
    • Insert API Key credentials


Postcode Lookup

Activate address search via postcode lookups on your address collection forms-screenshot

Address Autocomplete

Activate address autocompletion on your address collection forms-screenshot


Configure the plugin from your admin dashboard. Plugin configuration can be scoped specific to each of your stores.

The Ideal Postcodes Magento plugin allows configuration to be scoped by store-screenshot



If you need support, you can either reach out to us on our support page or drop by our developer chat page

Works With

Listed below are 3rd party Magento extensions we test against:


Download Options

This extension can be retrieved using the following methods

For the Composer and Manual installation, when the extension is copied, you will need to run the final install steps


Install via composer with

composer require idealpostcodes/module-ukaddresssearch


This repository needs to be loaded into your Magento directory. The following directory needs to be present in your Magento codebase app/code/Idealpostcodes/Ukaddresses

Inside of app/code/Idealpostcodes/Ukaddresses you can retrieve the extension by

  • Download and "untar" from our releases page
  • Git clone this project git clone --depth=1
  • Git clone a specific version git clone --branch <tag> -depth=1

Magento Marketplace

Find us on the Magento Marketplace.

Final Install Steps

For the composer and manual installation methods, you will also need to execute the following commands to complete the installation:

magento module:enable Idealpostcodes_Ukaddresssearch
magento setup:upgrade
magento setup:di:compile
magento setup:static-content:deploy -f


After installation is complete you will need to apply your API Key from your Ideal Postcodes account.

Please view our guide on creating an Ideal Postcodes account and enabling automated top-ups.

The administration page can be found at Stores Menu -> Configuration -> Services Tab -> Ideal Postcodes.

You can apply your API Key on the configuration dashboard as well as manage other configuration options. A free test balance is available on your first key, so you can test your extension before having to pay.

Configuration page-screenshot

Configuration Options



Enable or disable extension altogether.


The API Key is required to verify your account for address validation. This can be found on your account dashboard on


Enable Postcode Lookup

This will present a Postcode Lookup search box on your address forms. The user will be directed to type their postcode and select an address from a list.

Enable Address Autocomplete

This will enable Address Autocomplete on the first address line on your address forms.

Enable Populate Organisation

Fill the Company field based on selected address. Enabling this will ensure that the organisation name in your form is populated by the organisation name present at the address selected by the user (if one exists).

Enable County

This will populate the region field with the county name. County data is no longer used in the UK to identify a premise. However, this can be enabled if you prefer.

Hoist Country Field

This will hoist the country input field to the top of your address form. This is useful if your default country is not a UK territory - lifting the country field to the top of the address form means that the user will be presented with the correct search tools when the get to address entry.

Our UK search solutions will only present on address forms where the selected country is a UK territory. When a non-UK territory is selected, our tools are detached from your form.


Your first key on your Ideal Postcodes account will carry a free test balance which you can use to verify and test your integration. Please contact support if you need a larger test balance.

Going Live

In order to go live, you will need to purchase a balance of lookups on your API Key. This can be done manually or automated from your dashboard. Each address search consumes one lookup from your key balance.

See our account setup guide for the quickest way to go live by creating your first API Key and enabling automated top-ups.


Your API Key is central to how our service recognises your integration. See our guide on API Keys to find out more.

API Keys can also be safeguarded against potential misuse, please see our guide on securing your API key to find out more.