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Thread added address validation to speed up their checkout process and improve user experience

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Thread has relied on Ideal Postcodes' service since 2014. Integrating a vital service into a key part of your product such as checkout requires that it works reliably and consistently and you never have to worry about it and Ideal Postcodes does just that, allowing our users to checkout quickly and accurately

Ben Phillips
Co-Founder & CTO,Thread


Thread is an e-commerce service which uses human stylists and machine learning algorithms to recommend clothing tailored to a user's style, size and budget. A user selects their favourite clothes, with expert stylists adding matching outfit options every week.

The service is simple to use and is completely free.

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Thread The service in discovering personalised clothes


One of Thread's goals was to create a platform that was easy to use for their customers. Combining AI with expert stylists, a customer would only need to choose pictures of clothes that appeal to them, and easily purchase what they like.

It is important for customers to have a swift experience on a website, and only enter the details necessary on the checkout page.


Thread have implemented Postcode Lookup to their checkout page. All that is required is the customer's full name, their postcode and their payment details.

The postcode finder on the checkout page only requires a user to enter the postcode, click search and the rest of the address form will be completed automatically.

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Thread have achieved their goal of creating a seamless experience for clients. From personalised clothing recommendations to fast orders and accurate deliveries, customers receive everything they need with minimal effort.