Addressing Tools for Platforms and Marketplaces


Try our sublicensing solution if you have multiple clients,
looking to access and query for UK addressing data

Manage and license your clients' access under one account


Accessing Royal Mail's address data can be a chore due to licensing rules which encourage users to spread multiple clients over multiple accounts

Our sublicencing solution allows you to quickly license your clients under a single key, monitor usage in one place and and then be billed in one monthly direct debit

Sublicensing is Ideal for a number of use cases including

  • Software Platforms (SAAS)
  • Marketplaces
  • Web Agencies

Use case: You provide a platform service, like a CRM or payment gateway. Clients sign up for their own accounts and largely self serve. Your clients will want to query and gather addressing data via your platform

Sublicensing offers:

  • A way to license and query addressing data through your app without having to deal directly with 3rd parties (e.g. us or Royal Mail)
  • Instant licensee creation upon client acquisition
  • Tools to limit licensee usage. Instant upgrades or downgrades to their address data usage cap when your customer switches to one of your alternate plans
  • Flexible billing arrangement with your client

Use case: You provide a place for sellers to upload their products and sell to a customer base and want your buyers to be able to reliably extract addressing data from customers

Sublicensing offers:

  • A way for your vendors to retrieve addresses without having to deal directly with 3rd parties (e.g. us or Royal Mail)
  • Automated licensee creation when a vendor signs up to your marketplace
  • Tools to limit usage with a daily cap or restrict by a URL or subdomain whitelist
  • Flexible billing arrangement with your client

Use case: You manage agency accounts, of which many require address search and validation tools for various reasons

Sublicensing offers:

  • A way to license Royal Mail data without having to deal directly with 3rd parties (e.g. us or Royal Mail)
  • Your clients can easily delegate the work of managing the license account to you
  • Use our monitoring tools to bill your client on a regular interval based on usage

Manage multiple clients under one account with ease


Easy Management

Register, update and manage your licensees through our dashboard or simple API calls. The former is great for getting started quickly and the latter is ideal for automated licensee registrations

Practical Monitoring

Monitor usage across time via the dashboard or API. Track transactions and daily usage across your account or slice and dice data by sublicensee. You can even link metadata with individual transactions with tagging

Simple Billing

Each lookup costs incurs the standard rate. We will direct debit you on a monthly basis. You can set global and licensee specific daily limits to control your spend

Straightforward, Fast Integration

We've made licensee integration as simple as possible

  • 1. Apply for a sublicensee key
  • 2. Create your first licensee
  • 3. Use the API with licensee credentials

Contact us to provide you with a sublicensed key

chat email contact
  • Find us via one of our support channels to setup your key
  • Get you started with a test account first, we can handle production keys and billing details later

Create a licensee

You can create a licensee via the dashboard or automate it via our API and retain the key for later

POST /v1/keys/your_key/licensees
  "name":"Online Commerce Limited",
  "address":"10 Darwin Place, Holborn, London",
  "postcode":"E12 9WW"

    "name":"Online Commerce Limited",
    "address":"10 Darwin Place, Holborn, London",
    "postcode":"E12 9WW",
    "whitelist": [],
    "daily": {
      "limit": null,
      "count": 0,
      "updatedAt": "2016-08-05T16:43:28.865Z"

Use the API, but append your licensee key

You can use the API exactly as before, just remember to append the licensee key in your query string

GET /v1/postcodes/SW1A2AA?api_key=your_key & licensee=sl_ijoi0
  "code": 2000,
  "message": "Success",
  "result": [
      "line_1": "Prime Minister & First Lord Of The Treasury",
      "line_2": "10 Downing Street",
      "line_3": "",
      "post_town": "LONDON",
      "postcode": "SW1A 2AA"

Full Monitoring & Control at your fingertips


Licensee Level Monitoring

You can monitor API usage at a licensee level. This includes exporting usage information in JSON or CSV using the keys API simply by appending a licensee key to your request

URL Whitelist

You can set up to 5 whitelisted URLs that a licensee key can be used from. This can be applied via the dashboard or directly through the licensees API

Daily Rate Limit

You can set a maximum daily usage cap per licensee. You will receive notice via your email notification list when this limit is reached

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable licensee keys on my account?

You will need to get in contact with us via our support page. We can convert an existing key to accept licensees

How much does this cost

Lookups will be charged at the standard rate. You will be billed on a monthly basis via direct debit based on your usage of the API.

How do I query the API with a licensee key?

For methods that yield Royal Mail data and incur a lookup cost (e.g. /v1/postcodes/ and /v1/addresses/), you will need to provide a licensee key as well as the API key. Each licensee created will automatically receive a random key which you will use to identify their account.

What happens if I need to cancel a licensee?

You can cancel a licensee via the dashboard or using our API documented here.

Upon cancellation the licensee key will no longer be usable. Also note that you cannot uncancel a licensee, please get in contact with us to do this.

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept direct debit for our licensee programme

Due to current licensing rules, each of your licensees must procure 100 lookups ahead of any request.

In practice, what this means is that we will round up your client's usage of our API to the nearest 100 lookups. So for example, if in month 1, your client consumes 60 lookups, you will be billed for £2 + VAT for that month. If in month 2, your client consumes another 30 (90 in total), you will be billed nothing for that month. If in month 3, your client consumes another 20 (110 in total) you will be billed another £2 + VAT for that month.

How do I monitor usage?

The /keys/:key/usage and /keys/:key/lookups APIs accept a licensee in the querystring should you wish to gauge usage by each of your licensees.

How do I update licensee information?

You can cancel a licensee via the dashboard or using our API documented here

Note that you cannot change the licensee name, please get in contact with us to do this.