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Address Validation for Web Agencies, Marketplaces and Platforms

Do you have multiple clients that need address validation and search?

Our Sublicencing Platform provides the simplest, automated solution available
to license your clients, monitor usage and simplify your billing

Reduce the Complexity of Licensing your Users

We provide a simple interface for you to license, track and manage your users

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Web Agency

Integrate address validation solutions seamlessly for your clients. Our dashboard and reporting capabilities allow you full visibility and control over your clients' usage

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Extend address search solutions to sellers or merchants and earn commission. You will be able to license each merchant and pass on the costs if you prefer

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Software Platform

Easily control and manage each client integration. Instantly license your clients at scale, having full visibility of their usage

Many Licensees, One Account

Manage multiple clients under one account with ease


Easy Management

Register, update and manage your Licensees through our dashboard or simple API calls. The former is great for getting started quickly and the latter is ideal for automated Licensee registrations


Practical Monitoring

Monitor usage across time via the dashboard or API. Track transactions and daily usage across your account or slice and dice data by Licensee. You can even link metadata with individual transactions with tagging

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Granular Reporting

You can monitor API usage at a licensee level. This includes exporting usage information in JSON or CSV using the keys API simply by appending a Licensee Key to your request


Allowed URLs

You can allow up to 5 URLs that a Licensee Key can be used from. This can be applied via the dashboard or directly through the Licensees API


Daily Rate Limit

You can set a maximum daily usage cap per Licensee. You will receive notice via your email notification list when this limit is reached


Simple Billing

Each lookup costs incurs the standard rate. We will direct debit you on a monthly basis. You can set global and licensee specific daily limits to control your spend

Straightforward, Fast Integration

We've made Licensee integration as simple as possible

Manage your Clients with Ease

License, manage and monitor your clients all in one place

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