Postcode and Address Validation for Small Charities

A new, cost-effective and simple licence for your small charity to access the Postcode Address File

PAF for Charities

From September 2018, small charities can enjoy more favouarble access to Royal Mail's Address Database

Address Validation in your Charity

The Charity Licence allows charitable organisations to benefit from simpler and more cost effective access to the Postcode Address File.

Simpler pricing

One, Low Cost Subscription

We provide charities with a fixed monthly subscription to cover all UK address validation and postcode lookup requirements. You can save up to 90% compared to standard licensing.
We also provide a free micro tier or alternative pricing if subscription billing does not suit you.
Simpler donations

Streamline Donations

Simplify and accelerate donations and gift aid registrations processes with address validation.
The Charity Licence can be used to power address and postcode verification in call centres and mobile fundraising applications.
End-to-end support

End-to-End Support

We are here to provide convenient and fast support whether you need help on licensing, the technical integration or more.
Reach out to us via any of our support channels to find out more or get started.

Small Charity Pricing

  • Developer Plan

    Developer Plan


    per month
    • 10,000 requests per month
    • 1,000 daily peak request
    • Fixed monthly or annual billing
    • Hard monthly limit
    • 10% off for annual billing
  • Local Plan

    Local Plan


    per month
    • 200,000 requests per month
    • 25,000 daily peak request
    • Fixed monthly or annual billing
    • Soft monthly limit
    • 10% off for annual billing
  • National Plan

    National Plan


    per month
    • 1,000,000 requests per month
    • 200,000 daily peak request
    • Fixed monthly or annual billing
    • Soft monthly limit
    • 10% off for annual billing
Have smaller volumes in mind? Contact us to find out about our free micro tier for charities or alternative pricing

Contact us to get started

We can walk you through the licensing and integration process
Phone us on (+44) 0845 862 0898 or chat to us now at

Frequently Asked Questions

Which charities are eligible?

You may qualify if you are a small, UK-based charity registered with the Charity Commission or a Community Interest Company.

Eligible charities must not have an annual income of more than £10 million.

Can I find out if my charity is already licensed?

Royal Mail maintain a list of organisations already registered for small charity usage.

Click here to see the list of licensed charities.

What if my charity is not already on the list?

You can apply for small charity usage at with Royal Mail.

This will be processed by the Address Management Unit team at Royal Mail. If the qualification criteria are met, you will undergo a quick registration process and your details will be added to the Charity licensee search page.

Feel free to get in contact with us at any point to help you through the licensing process.

What is available to charities with more than £10 million in annual income?

Charities with an annual income larger than the threshold are only eligible to use the standard pricing options.

Can I switch plans if I have a Ideal Postcodes account that predates the Charity Licence?

Yes. Phone us or drop us an email to begin the process of registering your charity with Royal Mail.

Which payment methods do you accept for charity subscriptions?

We only accept card payments for monthly recurring subscriptions.

Annual subscriptions are payable via invoicing and BACS only.

Are smaller plans available?

We provide a free tier for charities who do not expect to make more than 50 address lookups a day. Please get in contact to find out more.

If you need more than 50 requests per day but still do not need a subscription, contact us regardless as we still may have a tier that works for you.

Which Royal Mail address datasets are available?

Only the main Postcode Address File is available to small charities. Utilising the Multiple Residence dataset will require standard licensing.

How does the setup process work?

Simply contact us and we will begin to assess whether you qualify for small charitiy licensing. If applicable, we will walk you through the registration process with Royal Mail.

Once registered, we can advise you on the integration or migration process. We are happy to answer any technical questions you may have.

When your integration is ready to go live, we can setup billing with your finance team and you will be ready to go.