Quick Account Setup on Ideal Postcodes


Doaa Kurdi



You can create a live API Key to drop into your integration in minutes to begin address search and validation. The minimum steps to do this are:

  1. Create an account
  2. Create an API Key
  3. Enable Automated Top-Ups

Your account is required to manage your API Key(s), billing and licensing.

An API Key is required to authenticate yourself against our service. It's a long sequence of characters (e.g. ak_k8pnfoj02I55011CRYDz0ZAwqltQT) commonly passed to your development team or dropped into an integration. Each API Key requires a Key Balance to perform live address searches.

By enabling automated top-ups you can ensure your key is topped up when the balance runs low. You will be informed by email if an automated top-up takes place.

Create Account

Sign up for an account at Ideal Postcodes by clicking on the Free Trial link on the home page.

Create API Key

Create an API Key from your dashboard.

You will be able to see your API Key. The long sequence of characters (e.g. ak_k8pnfoj02I55011CRYDz0ZAwqltQT) represents your API Key.

Click on the blue Manage button to access your key dashboard. From there you can edit security, notifications and other settings.

For instance, you can apply a name to your key via the Key Information panel. Click on the Edit Name button and amend accordingly.

Enable Automated Top-Ups

Click on the Billing tab on the left side bar on your dashboard.

From there, add a payment method and click on Save Card. If successful, you should see a Payment Method panel with your card details.

Scroll down the page to the API Keys section. Enable Automated Top-Ups by selecting a top-up plan and your payment method.

Click on Enable and confirm that you wish to enable automated top-ups. This should now be reflected in the API Keys section.