Address Verification System or Address Validation?


Doaa Kurdi



Address Verification System

Address Verification System (AVS), is a tool which validates customer addresses against their bank details to ensure the information is a match.

It is mainly used by credit card processors and banks to detect suspicious transactions and avoid credit card fraud.

When a user enters their address, the system will scan the billing address of the credit card company provided and verify if it matches the address on file. On certain occasions, a user may need to provide a CVV. This verification process will then allow the user to continue with the transaction or account setup.

AVS mainly verifies the numeric portions of the address, so flat numbers can create incorrect results. However, this is rarely the case.

AVS is an additional layer of security that businesses integrate into their standard security protocols. Companies choose to either set up an automated decline response code or manually follow up to verify the details.

Address Validation Service

Address validation is a tool which validates customer addresses on websites, apps or internal data tools.

The database will verify if an address is valid or not, and shows a number of addresses through a drop down.

There are two types of address validation solutions:

  1. Postcode Lookup
  2. Address Autocomplete