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Alias Addresses

Alias addresses are properties which have additional address characteristics, such as alternative name or a pseudonym. These aliases indicate historical property names, locality or county information, which are not required in postal data.

Alias data is not included in the standard Postcode Address file (PAF), however is an additional dataset that can be used to enhance existing address information. It includes 3 million records, so having access with aliases alongside PAF will help identify accurate address more quickly.

There are four types of alias records: Locality, Thoroughfare, County and Delivery point aliases.

  • Locality records include local names and Postally Not Required (PNR) details.
  • Thoroughfare records include alternative, unofficial and combination names used locally for streets and thoroughfares
  • Delivery Point Alias records include additional information such as trading names and building names.
  • County Alias records include historic county names, administrative and postal county information.

Here are a couple of UK address examples consisting of aliases:

Address First Line: Gates of St. Albans
Address Second Line: Redfern House
Address Third Line: 105 Ashley Road. Town or city: St Albans
Postode: AL1 5DE

Address First Line: Gladdave
Address Second Line: 12 Walnut Way
Address Third Line: Brightlingsea
Town or city: Colchester
Postode: CO7 0LJ

The alias for the first address is ‘Redfern House’ and the second is ‘Gladdave’. Our address validation API picks up all alias addresses so you can ensure you are capturing the correct address.

For more information about Alias addresses, view Royal Mail PAF’s Alias Infographic.

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