What is Email Validation


Doaa Kurdi



Email validation is the process of verifying the accuracy, legitimacy and formatting of an email address. It can implemented via an API to a website, app, POS system or CRM. This process is important for businesses because it helps ensure that emails are being sent to the correct recipients and they are more likely to be delivered.

A key benefit to email address validation is that it helps to reduce bounce rates. When an email is sent to an invalid or inactive address, it will bounce back to the sender. This can be frustrating and can also negatively impact the sender's reputation, as high bounce rates can be a red flag for spam. By validating email addresses before sending out a campaign, you can ensure that your emails are delivered to active addresses and reduce the risk of negative sender reputation.

Verifying email addresses also improves the accuracy of data in your marketing or customer relationship management (CRM) systems. If your email list contains invalid or inactive addresses, it can lead to inaccurate data and poor targeting of your campaigns. By cleaning up email lists and removing invalid addresses, you can improve the accuracy of your data and improve the efficiency or your marketing efforts.

Our Email Validation API verifies email addresses in real-time. The solution checks the syntax, spelling, if the email belongs to a professional or personal account and more. Visit our Email Validation Documentation for more details.

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