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fuzzy address matching

What is Fuzzy Address Search?

Fuzzy Address Search, or Fuzzy Matching, is a smart search functionality to improve your address verification form. If an incorrect or mistyped address is entered, the data is filtered to return likely possibilities. The hierarchy of addresses is also formatted to the closest match, and includes all address elements.

It is easy to make spelling mistakes on address forms, or sometimes we are unsure of the complete address. Whether a form is located on your website or internal data tool, Fuzzy Address Matching can be implemented to show the valid and relevant addresses closest to your entry. This is a perfect way to save time for your customers and employees.

How can this improve your address form?


Taking an address over the phone can lead to typos or wrong addresses. Fuzzy address search can identify these errors.


“Ave”, “Ln” or “Pk” are standard abbreviations, however to format all addresses correctly on your database, the full spelling will be returned.

Transposed characters

Fuzzy address matching also corrects switched adjacent letters.


Spacing between postcode components or street names can be confusing at times, address matching can show the accurate data.

Forgotten or extra characters

If a user is in a rush and mistypes an address with missing letters, or even adds additional letters unintentionally, this can be quickly corrected.

Address Autocomplete

Address mistakes made by users can cause delivery issues, resulting in increased shipping costs, delays, and support calls. Using autocomplete address forms facilitates address entry, which can reduce cart abandonment and increases sales.

Our smart matching capabilities are implemented with address autocomplete to ensure errors are caught and corrected, so your team can save time focusing on customer satisfaction.