What is Gaeltrecht


Doaa Kurdi




Gaeltrecht districts are areas of Ireland where the Irish language is spoken and used in everyday life. They are not official territories, but rather a collection of Irish-speaking towns, villages, and cities throughout the country. The Gaeltacht area is home to 96,090 people who speak Irish as their first language. They live in large counties: Donegal, Mayo, Galway and Kerry as well as sections of counties Cork, Meath and Waterford.

Gaeltrecht districts were recognised in the 1920s and are important because they help preserve the language for future generations. Gaeltrecht districts also offer support for native speakers by providing opportunities to learn Irish through immersion programs. The Irish language is known as Gaeilge, or Gaelic.

Address Validation Languages

Ideal Postcode’s Eircode Address Finder API includes Gaeltrecht areas and also allows users to input both English and Gaelic. Address results can be displayed in either language as well.

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