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Internal User Licensing

What is an Internal User? When is it right to license this way?

Updated 23 Mar 2020

Internal User

Royal Mail define a User as “an individual authorised by an End User to use a Solution.” An internal user is any staff member in an organisation authorised to use addressing data.

internal user

A user licence can be spread across multiple devices so long as it is the same person querying for the data.

How Would This Apply to Your Business?

Registering employees as internal users is beneficial if your organisaiton uses data collection tools such as a CRM, Point-of-Sale system or other platforms. Address validation can be applied if you're a charity, public sector organisation, software company, or marketplace. We understand each business has different functionalities of their internal tools.

More information on our internal licensing solutions is available here, or get in touch via chat to find out how we can help.

What Are the Benefits?

Internal licensing is a cost-effective way for all your employees to have access to PAF. If you use any internal data collection tools, you can integrate address validation to:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce call times and increase operator efficiency
  • Ensure accurate client data
  • Avoid duplicates or errors

Additional Information

There are certain circumstances where it would be appropriate to consider multiple "individuals" as only one User and therefore only charge one User fee.

Some examples are:

  • Where an individual leaves an organisation (such as a resignation) and is replaced by another.
  • An individual User is on maternity or paternity leave and is replaced by another individual for a period of time, returning at the end of their leave.
  • An individual has a period of sick absence and is replaced by someone else until the indisposed individual returns (the period of time could be one day, one week etc).

In the above examples, any additional or replacement individuals will not be considered as an additional User.