Address Validation for Mobile Devices


Doaa Kurdi



Mobile vs Desktop

It is important to consider both platforms when creating websites. It is simpler to fill out forms on a desktop. However, with mobile devices having a smaller screen and sensitive touch keyboards, there is always a chance for spelling errors or typos.

Customers prefer to put in less effort when completing forms on mobile devices. You may improve mobile conversions by considering the following points below.

Address Finder

Easily avoid spelling errors by adding Address Autocomplete to your online checkout, sign up page or lead generation form. This type-ahead functionality will save time for customers and only require them to enter part of their address.

Find out more about Address Finder.

Form Size

With mobile screens being much smaller than their desktop counterparts, users will most likely need to scroll down the screen to complete a form. Ensure the form and buttons are optimised for mobile sizes.


Disable auto-correct on your HTML code for mobile browsers. Certain UK addresses may not be recognised as words and will be corrected.