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UDPRN: Unique Delivery Point Reference Number

Understanding the Unique ID Number Assigned to Every Premise in the UK

Updated 30 Dec 2020

The UDPRN code was introduced by Royal Mail in 2004 and inserted into the Postcode Address File. It is a unique code used to identify a delivery point (i.e. premise) in PAF.

Ideal Postcodes allows queries for premises by UDPRN via the /udprn endpoint.

Some key features are:

  • Simple, unique reference number for each Delivery Point
  • Far less likely to be reused than the existing PAF Keys
  • 8-character numeric code
  • A new UDPRN is automatically assigned to each new Delivery Point added to PAF

Why Is It Useful?

Since UDPRN values are a consistent identifier for a given delivery point in PAF, if stored, it can be used to retrieve the most recent information for a given premise in case any of its addressing information has changed.

It can also be used to test for a decommissioned or demolished premise.

Retrieving UDPRN

We provide direct access to UDPRN in our API to pull out individual premises.

Requests are as simple as:

A single address object is returned in the result attribute:

    "postcode":"ID1 1QD",
    "thoroughfare":"Barons Court Road",
    "umprn" : "",
    "line_1":"2 Barons Court Road",
    "county": "Greater London",
    "administrative_county": "",
    "postal_county": "",
    "traditional_county": "Greater London",
    "district": "Hammersmith and Fulham",
    "ward": "North End",
    "country": "England",

More information can be found in our UDPRN code documentation or try it below with our JavaScript client.

const { Client } = require("@ideal-postcodes/core-node"); const client = new Client({ api_key: "iddqd" }); const udprn = 23747771; const address = await client.lookupUdprn({ udprn });