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UDPRN: Unique Delivery Point Reference Number

Understanding the unique ID number assigned to every premise in the UK

Updated 3 Jun 2020

The UDPRN code was introduced by Royal Mail in 2004 and inserted into the Postcode Address File. It is a unique code used to identify a delivery point (i.e. premise) in PAF.

Ideal Postcodes allows queries for premises by UDPRN via the /udprn endpoint.

Some key features are:

  • Simple, unique reference number for each Delivery Point
  • Far less likely to be reused than the existing PAF Keys
  • 8-character numeric code
  • A new UDPRN is automatically assigned to each new Delivery Point added to PAF

Why Is It Useful?

Since UDPRN values are a consistent identifier for a given delivery point in PAF, if stored, it can be used to retrieve the most recent information for a given premise in case any of its addressing information has changed.

It can also be used to test for a decommissioned or demolished premise.

Retrieving UDPRN

We provide direct access to UDPRN in our API to pull out individual premises.

Requests are as simple as:

A single address object is returned in the result attribute:

        "postcode":"ID1 1QD",
        "thoroughfare":"Barons Court Road",
        "umprn" : "",
        "line_1":"2 Barons Court Road",
        "county": "Greater London",
        "administrative_county": "",
        "postal_county": "",
        "traditional_county": "Greater London",
        "district": "Hammersmith and Fulham",
        "ward": "North End",
        "country": "England",

More information can be found in our documentation or try it below with our JavaScript client.

const { Client } = require("@ideal-postcodes/core-node"); const client = new Client({ api_key: "iddqd" }); const udprn = 23747771; const address = await client.lookupUdprn({ udprn });