What Is A Lookup?


John Angeles




  • Every API Key on an account has its own Lookup Balance

  • A Postcode Lookup with addresses counts as 1 lookup

  • A Address Search with results counts as 1 lookup

  • A postcode or address search that yields no addresses does not affect your lookup balance

  • An Address Finder query that returns suggestions counts as 0 lookups

  • Resolving the full address by UDPRN or UMPRN counts as 1 lookup

  • Extracting Address Finder suggestions without resolving for a specific address is unfortunately a Terms of Service violation.

Lookup Balance

Each account can produce one or more API Keys. These Keys are used to access addressing data.

Each Key has its own lookup balance. This means usage from one key does not affect the balance of the other.

A lookup balance is our form of credit, often purchased ahead of time, which generally permits one valid address search.

Postcode Lookup

Create an API Key from your dashboard.

Each postcode search which returns at least one premise deducts one lookup from your Key balance.

A postcode search can return a maximum of 100 premises. If you are using the Multiple Residence dataset and retrieve more than 100 addresses, each additional page is 1 lookup.

Invalid postcodes do not affect your balance.

Address Search

Each address search that returns at least one premise deducts 1 lookup from your key.

Empty address searches do not affect your balance.

Address Finder

Retrieving a list of suggestions for a given address query does not affect your Lookup Balance. However, resolving a full address for a suggestion deducts 1 lookup.

Note that the suggestion API must be used in conjunction with the address resolution APIs, i.e. you must intend to resolve a full address for at least one of your search suggestions. Consistently failing to do so violates our Terms of Service.