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UK Address Validation and Postcode Lookup for Salesforce

Add address validation to your address forms with our integration. Enable Postcode Lookup and Address Finder in moments

Why Choose Ideal Postcodes for Salesforce

Streamline your store and operations with our complete solution

  • Speed up the Entry Process

    Reduce the time it takes to accurately insert an address on your CRM

  • Ensure Data Quality

    Access the most up-to-date and accurate address dataset in the UK with Royal Mail's PAF® dataset

Mockup Integration

Integrate Address Finder in Moments

  • Add Address Autocompletion to any form with our Address Finder Plugin, which is continually updated, tested and improved

  • Easy to install with dozens of low or no code integrations to get you started

  • WAI-ARIA compliant so our Address Finder is screen reader accessible and can be used by the visually impaired

  • Intelligently handles transposed letters, abbreviations and other common errors

  • Filter or bias results by geolocation or locality to speed up search or enforce a search area

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Create an Account and API Key
Enable the Salesforce integration and include Key in extension