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Why Address Accuracy Matters

  • For providers of gas, electricity, water, or broadband, having the correct customer address ensures that every installation, maintenance, and customer interaction is executed flawlessly, enhancing efficiency and customer trust from the first point of contact.

  • We provide address validation solutions to guarantee you capture complete property location details, so you can provide excellent customer service and maintain a clean address database.

  • Match our free UPRN data with energy meter numbers.

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Seamless Communication

Reach customers with the right information, from billing updates to service changes, improving satisfaction.

Efficient Onboarding

Reduce data entry errors and accelerate the switching process for a better customer experience.

Effective Marketing

Target the right customers for upgrades such as smart meters, increasing conversion rates.

Inaccurate data can significantly impact your utility business

Up to 80% of problems encountered when switching between energy providers are due to errors in address data

How Ideal Postcodes can help

Efficient Address Linking

The Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) we provide is the key for accurately matching properties to their respective Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) for electricity and the Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) for gas. This makes switching utilities a simple process for your customers.

Complete Address Data

Our address validation guarantees that every address you capture is up to date and correctly formatted, increasing the chances of finding a match in your database. This makes it easy for your employees to manage large batches of addresses, such as those received from Price Comparison Websites and brokers.

Cost Savings

We include a UPRN with every standard address lookup at no additional cost, streamlining data management and significantly reducing your operational expenses.

Switch to Ideal Postcodes address validation and save 60% compared to other services

Additional Services for Enhanced Data

Address Data Cleansing

Ensure your customer database is clean, updated, and error free to maintain high service standards.

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Multiple Residence

Identify and manage addresses within multi-story buildings more effectively.

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Access data on developments still under construction to prepare services in advance.

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