Royal Mail Charity Registration


Doaa Kurdi



Small charities get exclusive access to Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File. We offer an exclusive licence that allows simpler and more cost effective payment plans.

To qualify for this licensing, charities must:

  • Be UK based and registered with Royal Mail
  • Have an annual income of less than £10 million

You can register your charity with Royal Mail by completing the form. This guide will assist you in completing the registration form.


There are three sections which need to be completed. These are:

  1. About you
  2. About your charity
  3. How you intend to use data

1. About You

Please fill out the required fields about yourself and your contact details so that Royal Mail can get in touch.

2. About Your Charity

Please complete the fields about your charity organisation. This includes the address details of the legal entity, sector and current charity registration number.

3. How You Intend to Use Data

Please specify the development timeline and use case in this section. This will help Royal Mail verify how you will be using our address validation solution.

Options include:

  • Address lookups
  • Customer verification
  • Database management
  • Mailing and marketing
  • Research purposes

You can select more than one option. If you’re unsure, please feel free to contact us.

Next Steps

Once you’ve submitted the registration form, Royal Mail will get in touch and supply you with an ID number.

Please provide us with this number and we can assist you in setting up your charity plan.

Do contact us if you have any questions.