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The Sublicensing Platform is designed to help web agencies, SaaS businesses and other platform vendors to help integrate our solutions for their clients.

It is a simple way to license, manage and track client usage, all of which can be done under one account.


Simple End User Licensing

You can easily register each Licensee through an API call or via the dashboard.

Practical Monitoring

Client Usage Data

You can monitor client usage across time and track transactions. You can also slice and dice data by Licensee.


You can export reports to monitor usage at a Licensee level.

Meta Tagging

You can link metadata with individual transactions with tagging.

Built in Controls

Allowed URLs

You can set up allowed URLs that a Licensee key can be used from.

Daily Rate Limit

You can set a maximum daily usage cap per Licensee.

Streamlined Billing

You won’t need to prepay. You will be billed at the end of the month by direct debit, for the past calendar month's usage.


Sublicensing Dashboard

License your clients to use our datasets from your dashboard in moments

Sublicensing Usage

Monitor API usage, export usage logs and manage key settings client access

How it Works

  1. Create an API key on your account

  2. Add each sublicensee with an API call for automated Licensee registrations or manually from the dashboard to get started quickly. Each Licensee will receive a unique key. These will all fall under your single API key

  3. Integrate the Postcode Lookup or Address Autocomplete libraries into your Licensee applications

  4. Receive a monthly bill for your clients' aggregated usage

Ready to Get Started?

  1. Simply contact us to set up your Sublicensing account

  2. You can create a test integration with test Licensees and test API requests

  3. Go live when you are happy with your test integration


You can view our Sublicensing page and FAQs.

Visit our Licensees documentation to find out how to create and manage Licensees.