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Use one of our many plugins to install address validation with no or little code or use our address finder API

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Quickly corrects common mistakes in addresses as you type, thanks to fuzzy matching

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Our address capture enables those relying on screen readers to complete their addresses easily and independently

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UPRN & Rooftop Geocodes included with every address lookup for the most detailed and accurate addresses

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Postcode Lookup

Good Reasons to Integrate

  • Postcode Lookup is the most accessible, easy-to-use and widely understood address search type in the UK

  • Works with the Republic of Ireland address file, Eircode

  • Quick integration with our dedicated plugin. Continually updated and tested, Postcode Lookup also has dozens of low or no code integrations

  • Our Postcode Lookup tools allow for extensive customisation so you can seamlessly add it to your form

  • Customise address capture behaviour to exclude specific areas and localities

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