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What is Address Autocomplete?

Address Autocomplete, also known as Address Validation, enhances the user experience on a form by providing real-time suggestions for valid addresses. The address data is drawn from comprehensive address databases to provide accurate results. It's a fast and efficient way to ensure data quality, saving time and reducing input errors.

How does it work?

As users enter an address, address autocomplete corrects typos, formats and completes missing details within milliseconds. This saves users time and allows them to complete the form easily.

Below is an example of the Ideal Postcodes Address Autocomplete.

Address Autocomplete in action

Address data is sourced from authoritative providers like Royal Mail PAF, Ordnance Survey AddressBase, and Eircode. Learn more about address data suppliers.

When should you use Address Autocomplete?

Address Autocomplete is useful on forms and systems where users regularly enter address information, such as lead forms, e-commerce checkouts and call centre tools.



Typos are a common occurrence when entering addresses manually, so it's important to catch and correct these errors before the inaccurate data gets saved into your database. Address Autocomplete fixes misspellings using a smart functionality called fuzzy address matching.


Standard address abbreviations such as “Rd” (Road), “st” (Street) or “wy”(Way) are are automatically expanded to their full spelling, maintaining consistency in your database.

Transposed Characters

Address Autocomplete can correct switched adjacent letters, improving the accuracy of address entries.

Geo Filtering

Customise address suggestions based on specific geospatial data, tailoring the user experience to local needs.

Forgotten or Extra Characters

Address entries with missing or additional letters can be quickly corrected.

Benefits of Address Autocomplete

Seamless user experience: Address suggestions saves significant time and effort compared to manual address entry in forms. It also works on mobile, optimising the experience across devices.

Improved data quality: It instantly fixes typos, incorrect spellings, transpositions, and other errors that users make. The addresses are also consistent with postal service standards and are updated regularly, future-proofing your data integrity.

Reduced costs: Incorrect or invalid addresses drive up costs in many ways. They result in failed deliveries, customer service calls, returned mail, and other expenses. Address Autocomplete helps avoid additional costs or resources.

Smoother operations: Address Autofill helps improve business operations that depend on high-quality address data. Marketers see better email deliverability, ecommerce deliver products to the correct property and customer support can resolve issues faster. Overall, it streamlines any process or system involving addresses.

Get Started with Ideal Postcodes

Ideal Postcodes makes adding address autocomplete easy through the Address Finder API and plugins. Choose from our list of supported platforms including popular ecommerce platforms, CRMs, and form builders. We provide set up guides, tutorials, and live support from our experts to make implementation quick and seamless.