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Address Autocomplete

What Is Address Autocomplete and How Is It Useful?

Updated 3 Feb 2021

What is Address Autocomplete?

Address Autocomplete is a rapid way to validate addresses on your website, app or internal data tools. Our Autocomplete API will attempt to match the entered address with a dropdown of suggested addresses.

Below is an example of our Address Autocomplete solution. This can be easily integrated with our Address Finder library.

Address Autocomplete in action

When should you use Address Autocomplete?

Mistypings are a common occurrence on address forms, or sometimes we are unsure of a complete address. If an incorrect or mistyped address is entered, the data is filtered to return a list of likely possibilities.

Address Autocomplete has certain features that make it a useful solution to validate addresses for both user facing applications or call centre tools.



Taking an address over the phone can lead to mistypings or wrong addresses. Address Autocomplete corrects misspellings and provides a fast response time less than 100 ms.


“Rd” (Road), “st” (Street) or “wy”(Way) are standard abbreviations. However, to format all addresses correctly on your database, the full spelling will be returned.

Transposed Characters

Address Autofill also corrects switched adjacent letters.

Geo Filtering

You can customise your address form and suggestions to return specific geospatial data.

Forgotten or Extra Characters

Address entries with missing letters, or additional letters can be quickly corrected.

Other solutions

In the UK, Postcode Lookup is an alternative and sometimes a better solution as it is more familiar to residents. Try it on our Postcode Lookup page or view our examples.

Address Finder

Errors in address entries made by users can cause delivery issues, resulting in increased shipping costs, delays, and support time. Using the autofill functionality on address forms facilitates address entry, which can reduce cart abandonment and increases sales.

Ensure errors are caught and corrected in the first instance, so your team can save time focusing on customer satisfaction.

Find out more about our Address Autcomplete solutions.