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Address Lists

Extract UK Address Lists to Power Your Database and Bolster Your Marketing Strategies

Updated 11 Jan 2021

There are over 30 million addresses and 1.8 million postcodes in the UK. Having access to these addresses can be useful to conduct market research, cleanse your CRM and improve sales strategies.

Our address data is sourced by Royal Mail's Postcode Address File, Ordnance Survey's Addressbase and the Office for National Statistics.

Use Cases of Address Lists

Address lists are downloadable CSV files. Here are some examples of their use cases:

  • Mailing lists
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Customer and prospect analysis
  • Cleansing addresses on your database
  • Distribution analysis

Further Accuracy with Datasets

It is possible to add a number of datasets to your Address List and benefit from more accurate data. We offer the additional datasets below:

Multiple Residence

These are sub-premises situated within multiple occupancy buildings. You can read more on our Multiple Residence guide.

Not Yet Built

This dataset covers buildings still under construction or are in the planning stage. Our Not Yet Built guide explains this in more detail.

UPRN and Rooftop Geolocations

A Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) consists of comprehensive data of a property, from the planning stages to demolition. Our UPRN guide explains more about this unique identifier. Take a look at our geocoding page.


Address Lists are valid for 12 months.

Address Lists are only permitted for internal usage. An internal user is any staff member in an organisation authorised to use addressing data. A user licence can be spread across multiple devices as long as it is the same person querying for the data.

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