End User - Who Is Licensed to Use the Data?


Doaa Kurdi



Royal Mail defines an End User as

“A single legal entity entering into a PAF®, Multiple Residence™ or Not Yet Built™ licence agreement”.

Generally, you are the End User of Royal Mail's data if you are:

  • Validating and searching the addresses of your client
  • Using the collected data to render a service for your client

However, your downstream clients would be considered as the "End User" if you are:

  • Validating and searching the addresses of your clients' customers
  • Providing address data which is used by your client to render a service for their customer

E-Commerce Example

If you operate an e-Commerce website, you would be classified as the End User. You are searching addresses for your customers in order to render a service or delivery goods.

However, if you provide e-Commerce sites as a service (e.g. Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce), then it is the store owners who are the End Users rather than you (the application vendor). Typically, your clients will be using the addressing data to render goods and services.

What If You Are Not the End User?

If your downstream clients are the End User, you may consider using our our Sublicensing Platform.

With this platform, you will be able to:

  • Easily register your clients as end users through a simple interface
  • Manage and monitor your clients' usage on the dashboard
  • Compute your clients' total usage and set up monthly direct billing

More information is available on our Sublicensing page or read the Sublicencing guide fon how this platform works.