MicroMkt Address Validation


Doaa Kurdi



Ideal Postcodes are in a partnership with MicroMkt.

Our partnership allows charities to add address search to the MicroMkt suite. This guide outlines how to integrate with MicroMkt and add Charity Licensing to your account.

Getting Started

To enable address search on MicroMkt suite you will need to create an API Key on Ideal Postcodes and add it to MicroMkt.

To continue using your key you will need to enable billing on Ideal Postcodes either with a charity or standard pay-as-you-go plan.

1. Create an API Key

a. Set up an account on Ideal Postcodes b. Once logged into your dashboard, you will be prompted to create your first API Key c. Copy the new API Key and pass it on to MicroMkt who will set up your integration

Your first Key will have a test balance. This means you may add your Key immediately to MicroMkt to begin testing. To go live, you will need to Authorize your account (from your dashboard sidebar) and enable billing.

2. Enable Billing

To take your key live, you will need to enable billing. Two billing methods are available to MicroMkt users.

The first is our standard pay-as-you-go billing. For this we recommend enabling automated top-ups.

The second is Charity Licensing. The majority of MicroMkt users are eligible for more cost effective licensing, however extra steps are involved. See the Charity Licensing section for instructions.

Charity Licensing

To enable Charity Licensing, you will need to apply for a Charity ID Number from Royal Mail and then contact our support team to convert your account.

Register with Royal Mail

You can register your charity with Royal Mail by completing their online registration form.

You can also view the registration guide to assist you with completing each section of the form.

Once you’ve submitted the registration form, Royal Mail will get in touch and supply you with a Charity ID Number.

Next contact us with your Charity ID Number and we can migrate your account.


Reach out to our through our support page if you have any questions.

MikroMkt can be contacted at info@micromkt.co.uk.