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Public Sector Access

Licensed Public Sector Organisations may benefit from simpler and more cost-effective access to Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File

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Even Simpler Pricing for Eligible Public Sector Organisations

Developer Plan
  • Developer Plan

  • 30

  • 2,000 requests per month
  • 100 daily peak request
  • Fixed monthly or annual billing
  • Hard monthly limit
Local Plan
  • Local Plan

  • 70

  • 7,000 requests per month
  • 300 daily peak request
  • Fixed monthly or annual billing
  • Soft monthly limit
National Plan
  • National Plan

  • Contact Us

  • More than 7,000 requests per month
  • More than 300 daily peak request
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Public Sector Benefits

Royal Mail have rolled out a specific licence for Public Sector Organisations with a range of benefits


Ideal for many use cases

Public sector licensing permits both internal and external use for non-commercial purposes

This includes call centres, website address capture, internal CRMs, billing systems and more


Even simpler pricing

With very large monthly request allowances, the Public Sector Licence is the most cost effective way to access PAF

The relaxed terms provide greater cost certainty through fixed monthly or annual billing


Relaxed data licence

The Public Sector Licence removes barriers that previously prevented organisations maximising their use of address data

Licensees are now able to share data and work collaboratively with other Licensees

Quality improvement

Quality improvement

Our data is sourced from Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey; two authoritative address and mapping agencies

Enhance your database with accurate UPRNs, rooftop geolocations, Multiple Residence and Not Yet Built datasets

Risk reduction

Risk reduction

Compatible with many platforms, our solutions are easy to implement

To reduce any risk of transition, we offer a free trial, developer support services, and custom technical SLAs for uptime and response time guarantees

Agile framework

Agile framework

Improve workflow and operations with a faster and more efficient process

We go to great efforts to provide tailored solutions and work with our suppliers to find the right licensing for your organisations

Social Responsibility Initiatives



Our Postcode Lookup and Address Finder solutions provide screen reader compatibility, making functionality accessible for visually impaired users

Charitable giving

Charitable giving

Address validation plays a part in helping small charities increase their operating effectiveness and focus more resources on their core mission. To support charities in the COVID-19 recovery, we offer a free Charity Tier



We believe in giving back to the community and supporting fellow developers with their work. We sponsor open source projects and maintain, our open sourced postcode & geolocation project

Central Source for Addresses

UPRN data

Reliably identify individual properties, reduce data duplication and streamline services with UPRN data. The UPRN is the unique identifier for every property in Great Britain, helping local authorities and organisations coordinate and share data.

Trusted by Public Sector Organisations

We work with Public Sector Institutions at local and national scale

Public Sector Organisations

Try some of our solutions yourself

These integrations and more can be integrated into almost any website or internal application

Address Finder Postcode Lookup

Demonstrations limited to 15 lookups per IP, per day

Take a look at our Address Finder demo or Postcode Lookup demo to get started

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