Public Sector Access

Simple and cost-effective access for Public Sector Licensees

  • Developer Plan

    Developer Plan


    per month
    • 10,000 requests per month
    • 1,000 daily peak request
    • Fixed monthly or annual billing
    • Hard monthly limit
    • 10% off for annual billing
  • Local Plan

    Local Plan


    per month
    • 200,000 requests per month
    • 25,000 daily peak request
    • Fixed monthly or annual billing
    • Soft monthly limit
    • 10% off for annual billing
  • National Plan

    National Plan


    per month
    • 1,000,000 requests per month
    • 200,000 daily peak request
    • Fixed monthly or annual billing
    • Soft monthly limit
    • 10% off for annual billing
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Available on the Government Procurement Portal

Ideal Postcodes has been granted approval as a Crown Commercial Supplier
under the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace Framework GCloud 8

Public Sector Benefits

Royal Mail have rolled out a specific licence for Public Sector Organisations with a range of benefits


Ideal for any use case

Public sector licensing permits both internal and external use for non-commercial purposes.
This includes call centres, website address capture, internal CRMs, billing systems and more.

Even simpler pricing

With very large monthly request allowances, the Public Sector Licence is the most cost effective way to access PAF.
The relaxed terms provide greater cost certainty through fixed monthly or annual billing.

Relaxed data licence

The Public Sector Licence removes barriers that previously prevented organisations maximising their use of address data.
Licensees are now able to share data and work collaboratively with other licensees.

Get started with a Free Trial

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Public Sector Licence work?

As of April 2015, qualified public sector organisations licensed by Royal Mail can access data from the Postcode Address File under more relaxed terms. These terms include royalty-free access to PAF data, the ability to freely share addressing data across licensees and simplified licensing and administration procedures.

What are the limits of usage under the Public Sector Licence?

The PSL Use Terms covers the use of data from PAF for the delivery of a public sector organisation's core public task; they do not cover any use of PAF for profit-making or commercial activity.

Licensees are allowed to use PAF throughout their organisation from front end address collection on a website to back room call center operations.

How do take advantage of my Public Sector Licence with Ideal Postcodes?

Simply create an account using an email address with a domain tied to your organisation. Then phone or email us requesting to activate a public sector licence on your account. Upon verifying your organisation, we will activate your subscription and create the necessary keys on your behalf.

I represent a public sector organisation, how can I become a licensee?

You will need to make your enquiry to Royal Mail directly to register your organisation for Public Sector Licensing.

Is my organisation currently covered by the Public Sector License?

You can check if you are currently licensed by looking up your organisation on Royal Mail's list of licensed organisations.

How will my organisation be billed?

You can choose to be billed monthly or annually. Card payment (VISA or Mastercard) is accepted for monthly billing only. We only accept invoicing (via BACS) for annual billing.

Are custom plans available?

Yes. We understand some organisations have special requirements. If you need higher limits or some other custom solution please get in contact and we'll try to accommodate your needs.

What is a soft limit?

Soft-limited plans will not prevent your key from being used if your monthly usage has been reached. Instead, we'll just keep tabs on your average monthly usage and ask you to upgrade if you need higher limits.

What are daily peak requests?

Each plan comes with a maximum number of requests which can be made in a day. If you would prefer a larger or soft limit, please contact us for a custom plan.